Beach Weekend with Ciara & Caitlin

What a crazy beautiful time on the pacific coast this past weekend! Weather was sunny and 63 degrees…..perfect escape for us NW webbed footed people. Each time we head to the beach I remember how much I love being near the calm of the ocean.

With the great weather we invited Caitlin and her BFF Ciara to join use. Selfishly I really wanted more time behind my camera. It was so much fun racing along the sand capturing the light before it faded into the sea. Thanks to my sherpa/husband Marc for putting up with us. He was so great to load the clothes, reflectors and blankets to keep us warm.  It’s really was easy to  capture all the beauty when the light was so perfect. Thanks again girls for letting me twist and turn you inside out. Love Momma Glass.

Beach Weekend C&C Beach-5744 C&C Beach-5857 C&C Beach-5859 C&C Beach-5964-2 C&C Beach-5965 C&C Beach-6021-2 C&C Beach-6033-2 C&C Beach-6057 C&C Beach-6080 C&C Beach-6139 C&C Beach-6174 C&C Beach-6254 C&C Beach-6277 C&C Beach-6040 C&C Beach-5753 C&C Beach-5816 C&C Beach-6222 C&C Beach-6236 C&C Beach-6241 C&C Beach-6321 C&C Beach-6370 C&C Beach-6477-2


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