Having summers off allows me freedom to travel and spend time with my family. Crossing over the Idaho border and into Montana my heart races as the evergreens become more abundant and the mountains taller…… my comfort will always be in the mountains and Montana will always be home.

This visit was spent doing daily activities (shopping, cooking, cleaning and Dr. appointments) along side my parents. I was so grateful to be spending more time with them doing their normal daily routines. Keeping it simple allowed for more conversation and quality moments and for that I am thankful.

Of course my camera was along for the trip and I had so much fun spending time with all the cousins. Crazy how quickly time passes and how grown up they have become. Shooting pre-teen & teen girls is really the best….they are so willing to play along. Thanks ladies for letting me twist and turn you!  Hope you had as much fun as I did.


Kimmerah 2015-027 Kimmerah 2015-025 Kimmerah 2015-024 Kimmerah 2015-023 Kimmerah 2015-022 Kimmerah 2015-021 Kimmerah 2015-020 Kimmerah 2015-013 Kimmerah 2015-014 Kimmerah 2015-015 Kimmerah 2015-016 Kimmerah 2015-017 Kimmerah 2015-018 Kimmerah 2015-019 Kimmerah 2015-012 Kimmerah 2015-011 Kimmerah 2015-010 Kimmerah 2015-009 Kimmerah 2015-008 Kimmerah 2015-007 Kimmerah 2015-006 Kimmerah 2015-005 Kimmerah 2015-004Kimmerah 2015-001 Kimmerah 2015-002-2 Kimmerah 2015-003Kimmerah 2015-004


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