Senior 2016 season is upon us

A few months back I had the pleasure of shooting a group of beautiful ladies from Union High School. I really enjoy doing buddy shots and feel it gives friends memories that will last a life time. Below is a sneak preview of the fun we had. Thanks again ladies for your smiles and time.

Through My Glass Photography is currently booking for Senior Class of 2016 portraits, please call 209-614-1966 for dates and pricing.



Beach Weekend with Ciara & Caitlin

What a crazy beautiful time on the pacific coast this past weekend! Weather was sunny and 63 degrees…..perfect escape for us NW webbed footed people. Each time we head to the beach I remember how much I love being near the calm of the ocean.

With the great weather we invited Caitlin and her BFF Ciara to join use. Selfishly I really wanted more time behind my camera. It was so much fun racing along the sand capturing the light before it faded into the sea. Thanks to my sherpa/husband Marc for putting up with us. He was so great to load the clothes, reflectors and blankets to keep us warm.  It’s really was easy to  capture all the beauty when the light was so perfect. Thanks again girls for letting me twist and turn you inside out. Love Momma Glass.

Beach Weekend C&C Beach-5744 C&C Beach-5857 C&C Beach-5859 C&C Beach-5964-2 C&C Beach-5965 C&C Beach-6021-2 C&C Beach-6033-2 C&C Beach-6057 C&C Beach-6080 C&C Beach-6139 C&C Beach-6174 C&C Beach-6254 C&C Beach-6277 C&C Beach-6040 C&C Beach-5753 C&C Beach-5816 C&C Beach-6222 C&C Beach-6236 C&C Beach-6241 C&C Beach-6321 C&C Beach-6370 C&C Beach-6477-2

Dale Chihuly

This will be a quick post.

Dale Chihuly is one of my all time favorite artists. If you live in the PNW you’ve hopefully been exposed to his work. I was happy to discover him while living in Seattle around 2001. Whenever I travel I look to see if he has a gallery or any works on display. Marc & I were lucky to be in Boulder, CO last month and read that Chihuly has a  collection on display at the Denver Botanical Gardens ( We had time to kill before our flight so we stopped for a look. I was in heaven walking through the gardens in Denver and my only regret is that I didn’t have more time. I hope you enjoy what little I did captured.

KMG_6696 KMG_6685 KMG_6721KMG_6653 KMG_6617 KMG_6610 KMG_6580 KMG_6572 KMG_6564 KMG_6537 KMG_6520 KMG_6498 KMG_6493 KMG_6487 KMG_6475 KMG_6442 KMG_6422 KMG_6420 KMG_6417 KMG_6399 KMG_6386



Oceans Roar

“My soul is full of longing

for the secret of the sea,

and the heart of the great ocean

sends a thrilling pulse through me.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The power of the ocean is unlike any other. I was 20 years old when I saw the ocean for the first time and I remember the rush of adrenaline standing in the cold waters. The sea was endless, powerful, beautiful and scary all at the same time. Over the years I’ve grown to love the ocean and I treat it with all the respect and reverence it deserves.

The weather this past weekend was crazy on the coast and the power of the ocean was felt. We had 60 MPH winds on Saturday night and I sat huddled in my blanket watching the storm pass. I kept thinking please don’t let the power fail. Our sturdy little house held firm and for once the power stayed on. Thank you, Lord!

Even bad weather weekends at the beach are great weekends. We spent our time eating, baking, reading, watching football and sleeping. Too much  travel the past few months has left us strung out so this was a perfect time to get away. There is something about the ocean that restores us all.

When the weather broke we did get out to walk the beach and explored Lincoln City a little bit. I kept my camera in hand and took some fun shots of the neighborhood around us. We also discovered a covered bridge (built in 1914) on our way home. Below the bridge salmon were spawning and a bald eagle kept circling above. Such a treat!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos.




KMG_7709 KMG_7716KMG_7925 KMG_7880KMG_7873KMG_7944 KMG_7958 KMG_7967 KMG_7980 KMG_8018 KMG_8043


Pumpkin Patch Kinda Day

I don’t know about you but Fall is my favorite season! The colors, the sounds, the smells and the cool air all signal a closing of another year. For us in the Pacific Northwest it is a time we cherish before starting our 6-month rain hibernation

Yesterday was a rare treat because I got to tag along with some beautiful families and share in the simple joy of finding the perfect pumpkin. We found the coolest place called Bella Organic Farm ( out on Sauvie Island. Be sure to put it on your to-do-list if you’ve never visited before. The hayrides, haunted corn maze, pumpkin patch, petting farm and the Adults Beer Garden promises fun for everyone. Even my 19-year-old became child like for the day.

For me it was a great day because I got to play with my new camera (Nikon D7100) and lens. My hope for the day was to capture candid shots of the kiddos. My friend Julie  (Instagram: jul_of_minnesota) spent time this summer teaching me how to use a long lens. Her tricks and techniques allowed me to fade in the background and document the day without being too intrusive. Thank you again Gigi for inviting me along…it was so much fun!

Too many choices creates a sit down moment.

Too many choices creates a sit down moment.





Caitlin found a perfect pumpkin for her new apartment.

Caitlin found a perfect pumpkin for her new apartment.

Favorite photo of the day. I love when kiddos don't know I see them.

Favorite photo of the day. I love when kiddos don’t know I see them.

Layla was more interested in the bugs than pumpkins.

Layla was more interested in the bugs than pumpkins.

Sharing a sweet moment with mommy.

Sharing a sweet moment with mommy.

Even the 4-legged children got to come along.

Pumpkin Patch-7317

Uh oh…someone has spotted me!

Pumpkin Patch-7267

Mud days require pink boots.

Pumpkin Patch-7346Pumpkin Patch-7269Pumpkin Patch-7274Pumpkin Patch-7275Pumpkin Patch-7290Pumpkin Patch-7416 Pumpkin Patch-7221

Harvest colors abound.

Harvest colors abound.

Pumpkin Patch-7206