Having summers off allows me freedom to travel and spend time with my family. Crossing over the Idaho border and into Montana my heart races as the evergreens become more abundant and the mountains taller…… my comfort will always be in the mountains and Montana will always be home.

This visit was spent doing daily activities (shopping, cooking, cleaning and Dr. appointments) along side my parents. I was so grateful to be spending more time with them doing their normal daily routines. Keeping it simple allowed for more conversation and quality moments and for that I am thankful.

Of course my camera was along for the trip and I had so much fun spending time with all the cousins. Crazy how quickly time passes and how grown up they have become. Shooting pre-teen & teen girls is really the best….they are so willing to play along. Thanks ladies for letting me twist and turn you!  Hope you had as much fun as I did.


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Sun kissed Portland day

It was a glorious day in Portland! The temperatures reached the upper 80’s  and the city was full of Rose Festival activities. Today was my first outing of the year to the Portland City Market. I love strolling the market at my own pace taking in all the sights, sounds and talented vendors……oh and also to eat a PDX Original Elephant Ear.

Besides crafts and food downtown was also stocked full of Navy Shipmen/women in town for Fleet Week. The ships were docked close (walking distance) to the market and it was awesome to see the sheer size of our Naval ships. Admission is free and public tours are on a first come/first served basis.

Another highlight from todays stroll was the Dragon Boat Races. I work with a woman from one of the teams and she educated me about dragon boat racing. The races are held on the Willamette River near the Hawthorne Bridge and they feature exciting four-team heats held every nine minutes. The boats are beautiful and the teams look like they are having great fun.

Lastly, I took a quick run up to the Portland Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden where everything was in full bloom and scents are wonderful. My membership is about to expire so I wanted to get one more visit in for the year. My summer advice is to plan for extra time if visiting the gardens as both were full.

I really have fallen in love with Portland (in the summer :-)) and am always amazed at the variety that this city offers. I know I have only hit the tip of the iceberg and look forward to many more photo walks this summer.  I hope you enjoy the images I captured.


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Senior 2016 season is upon us

A few months back I had the pleasure of shooting a group of beautiful ladies from Union High School. I really enjoy doing buddy shots and feel it gives friends memories that will last a life time. Below is a sneak preview of the fun we had. Thanks again ladies for your smiles and time.

Through My Glass Photography is currently booking for Senior Class of 2016 portraits, please call 209-614-1966 for dates and pricing.